4 Things Bible will Teach You About Food

Bible is a complete manual on how to live our lives. It covers many topics such as how to be a man of character, how to be grateful, and even about the food we eat.

Fellowship Made Stronger with food

Before crucifixion, Jesus gathered His disciples to join him for their last supper. Bible also tells about Jesus feeding the multitude and they all ate together. Why do you think these events are mentioned in the bible? Food is like the word of God. It nourishes us and makes us stronger. Like the word of God, food is meant to be shared with others to encourage fellowship because it is so powerful.

It Teaches Us About Food Choices

Back in Christ's time, people consume more plant-based food. They are mainly from whole grains, fruits, beans, and greens. Those choices were not processed unlike what we have today. No wonder why people back on those days can last more than 100 years of their lives and can still fight great battles. Bible also mentioned about animal meat consumption. But we have observed that the meat people ate came from active animals such as fish, lamb, and turkey. And the way of their cooking usually involves grilling to remove the extra fat from animal meat.

Warning Against Eating and Drinking Too Much

Proverbs 23:2  says, "And put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite." Food can be addictive because of the pleasure it provides; however, overeating can destroy your body. There should always be a balance between pleasure and what is right. The bible didn't forget warning us about alcohol. Drinking wine is a symbol of celebration, it was meant to be taken occasionally. People back on those days would drink wine after eating but they don't overdo it.

Food is a Proof that God Provides

Every time you eat with your family, be thankful to God. He blessed the soil and the hands of the farmers. He designed the sun to shine every day. Say grace before eating and always remember that God will provide everything you need.

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